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Product Spotlight – Farmhouse Fresh

Farmhouse Fresh was created in 2005 and they take pride in the fact that their products are strictly made in the United States. Almost all of their product ingredients are organically and naturally grown on the FHF farm located in Texas, the rest are sourced from other US farms. Here’s what they say about the Farmhouse Fresh products:

“A few years ago my boyfriend at the time had given me an agave nectar body oil and I loved it. Once I ran out of it I couldn’t find anything that compared. When I came into the salon to get my hair done I saw the Farmhouse Fresh products and they had an oil with the same name, so I used it and to my excitement it was the same one from years ago. I’m so glad to know the brand name now and love their products”



“My two favorite products from Farmhouse Fresh are the Agave Nectar and the pink moon body lotion. Both scents are to die for! I love how hydrating they are without leaving a filmy residue on my skin!”

Ashley A. 


“The Farmhouse Fresh Honey Heel Glaze is my absolute favorite. It leaves my feet feeling super soft and moisturized without being sticky or greasy. It smells incredible- like fresh honey and cinnamon. You won’t regret this purchase, it will get your feet sandal ready in no time!”

– Mandy H.

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